Royal Academy of Ballet Class Schedule

August 2021 - July 2022

1:00pm-2:45pm Private Lessons
2:45pm-4:00pm RAD Vocational IF
4:05pm-5:20pm RAD Vocational INT/Repertoire

5:20pm-8:00pm Private Lessons

Tuesday & Wednesday
By Appointments: Private/Dance Notation classes & Pointe Shoe fitting.

Thursdays & Fridays (Closed)


7:10am-8:40am RAD Vocational ADV1/Repertoire

8:45am-10:00am RAD Grade 5/Pointe Ages 11+
10:05am-11:20am RAD Vocational IF
11:25am-12:40pm RAD Vocational INT/Repertoire
12:45pm-2:00pm  RAD Vocational ADVF/Repertoire
2:05pm-3:15pm RAD Grade 3 (*Oct 2021)
3:20pm-4:30pm RAD Grade 4 (*Oct 2021)
4:35pm-5:35pm RAD Grade 1 (*Jan 2022)
5:40pm-6:45pm RAD Grade 2 (*Jan 2022)

7:00am-8:10am RAD Grade 5/Pointe Ages 11+
8:15am-9:00am RAD Pre-Ballet Ages 3.5-4.5+
9:05am-9:50am RAD Pre Primary Ages 5+
9:55am-10:55am RAD Primary Ages 6+
11:00am-12:00pm RAD Grade 1 Ages 7+
12:05pm-1:05pm RAD Grade 2 Ages 8+
1:10pm-2:20pm RAD Grade 3 Ages 9+

2:25pm-3:35pm RAD Grade 4 Ages 10+
3:40pm-4:55pm RAD Vocational IF
5:00pm-6:15pm RAD Vocational INT/Repertoire
6:20pm-7:40pm RAD Vocational ADVF/Repertoire

*Please note, to ensure optimum quality, there is limited space in all of our classes.
All classes are taught personally by Artistic Director Miss Vivienne Lim. 

*Classes at RAB follow the academic school year, students will graduate to their next respective level each June.
Any advancement during the school year to the next level is solely at the instructor's discretion.

Closing Dates:

5/31 Memorial Day

7/4 Independence Day

7/31-8/10 Summer Break

9/6 Labor Day

11/25-11/28 Thanksgiving Break

​12/25-1/3 Winter Break

*Students are allowed one make up for the closed day.

Updated May 2021